I like to think I’m a Jack of All Trades, A Renaissance Man, not just a One Trick Pony. I don’t mind doing some back breaking labor in the hot sun, but I can kick it in an office setting no sweat. My goal in life is to find a job I enjoy that will pay my bills and leave me a little extra for the future. I don’t need to be a rich man.. But hey, that’d be nice too.

I’ve had a “job” since I was old enough to clean toilets and do dishes around the house. I think of myself as a hard working individual. I was taught at a young age that if you want something, you need to work for it. As a youngster I did yard work around the neighborhood, shoveled snow, and watched pets. As I got older I maintained the work / play balance and enjoyed the satisfaction a job well done rewards you with. Here are my past jobs:


Liquor Store Employee

2006 – Present

My current job. It started as a way to make a little extra cash when Sony wasn’t paying the bills. I now work at this privately-owned liquor store full-time. I accept and put away deliveries, keep the shelves stocked, help customers find the right drink for them, and sample a lot of tasty fermented beverages ;)


Sony/BMG Music Entertainment

College Marketing Representative

2006 – 2008

This was probably the coolest and most fun job I’ve had. I was the New Jersey College Marketing Representative. I obtained and maintained excitement and awareness for our artists within the college community. I got TONS of swag ranging from full-length albums to shirts, concert tickets, stickers, pins, posters, and loads of other marketing tools that served to both brand the band as well as catch the eye of members of the target demographic. My responsibilities included:

  • Retail VisitsI had about ten stores that I was responsible for keeping up with. I would try to visit the most influential stores once every  few weeks and obtain visibility for our artists by creating large poster displays, obtaining good product placement, and maintaining awareness with freebies on the counters. In-store performances were also conducted at some of the larger stores. For example, Vintage Vinyl.
  • Lifestyle AccountsI would visit small shops and local hangouts where college kids could be found on the regular and try to secure a spot for a poster or two, throw some freebies on the counter, and hook up the employees with some of the latest album releases. I got a lot of free coffee ;)
  • Campus CoverageEvery message board on campus had one of our posters on it at all times. Freebies would be around dining halls, libraries, and classroom buildings for students to snatch up.
  • Campus EventsBy partnering with fraternities, I was able to host a battle of the bands two years in a row where local bands came to compete, tons of Sony swag was given away, and all proceeds went to charity. Attendance topped a hundred both years. I also organized listening parties for new releases and set up free swag tables at parties on campus.
  • College Press Friends and acquaintances were made in the entertainment section of college newspapers. I was responsible for obtaining reviews for our new releases and tours.
  • College RadioStations were hooked up with new releases to play on air as well as special items for on-air giveaways such as shirts, concert tickets, and limited edition vinyls.
  • Online MarketingSocial media sites were utilized to bring excitement and awareness to our new artists, releases, and tours. I would use Facebook, Myspace, iMeem, LastFM, etc. to spark conversations in forums and post links to artist’s websites and media like a new music video or song.
  • Tour CoverageWhenever one of our artists was coming through the NJ / Philly / NYC area, I would set up ahead of time in all of the above areas. I would also usually design and construct a flier calling out the concert and spread it around physically and online. If the show was in NJ, I would attend and merch the venue before the show by spreading freebies around and hanging up posters for our artist. After the show I would hand out freebies outside the venue and collect photographs of fans.
  • Competitive Tour CoverageIf there was a tour coming through town and the artist had a similar style to one of our current or recent priority artists, I would attend the show and hand out fliers or freebies for our artists.

Everything I did was captured with my digital camera and wrapped up in a report. To view a few examples of these reports please click here. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Why would you ever quit such a sweet job?” I still kick myself, but the truth is that I really hated the size of my area. Most reps were given a half of a city or one college campus. I was given an entire state. It was just too time consuming for a part-time job while attending college full-time :/

New World

Pizzaria & Cafe

2003 – 2008

My highest-grossing job to date. My friend’s family opened an Italian Restaurant around the corner about the same time I obtained my driver’s license. I made deliveries, took orders, waited tables and made LOTS of tips. I made so much at this job in my Senior year of High School that I was able to pay for a two week trip to Europe in the summer with a few friends. I maintained this job on the weekends for some time while I attended college full-time, held down my new job with Sony, and worked at the liquor store a few nights a week.

Garden Shop

2001 – 2003

My first taste of real responsibility. My friend’s family remodeled a car wash into a garden shop. I was taught to check invoices, recommend plants and care tips for customers, and assign my time appropriately, for I was left alone at the shop for a majority of the day.

Super Market Employee

2000 – 2001

My first “real” job. I stocked shelves, bagged groceries and did the standard first job thing. I had 11 different bosses and a big crush on one of the cashiers ;)

If you are interested in hiring or contracting me feel free to email me for a copy of my formal resume.


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