The Long Line Theory

Ever notice that when you’re waiting in a long line, all of the other lines seem to move way faster than yours? Old ladies lumbering by with overflowing shopping carts are suddenly paid, bagged, and on their way out of the store before the kid at the top of your queue finishes fishing around in his pocket for a quarter to pay for his pack of gum. BUT, the second you switch to that new line, the register breaks down and the line you were just in seconds ago starts handing out free puppies and priceless jewels. It’s not a case of The Grass is Always Greener.. Ok, maybe it’s a subset. Its The Long Line Theory. And I think I need to take a lesson in patience.


3 Responses to “The Long Line Theory”

  1. Come to think of it, that is sooo true. Why is that, I wonder. I moved to the faster line then it suddenly slowed down, then saw that the line where I came from started to move much faster. What the heck!

  2. this also applies to lines of traffic! does switching lanes ever really get you there quicker?

    • When there’s a slow moving vehicle on the lane we’re in, yes, switching will get us there quicker. But your grocery line theory seems to be true. (^___^)

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