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Best Postcard

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Best Postcard

Love it


Team Zezu

My friend Carla has the sickest job as a Marine Biologist. I had the pleasure of visiting her during her semester in Bermuda. One of the best times ever.

PS. I don’t live at this address anymore creeps


Rain Vodka Ad

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Rain Catcher

Rain vodka catcher



I wanted to come up with a vodka ad. I decided on “Rain” vodka just because I thought it could be a fun name and a good theme to play with. “Make it rain,” “Pure as rain,” “Vodka of the gods,” etc.. Shortly after beginning I discovered that Rain Vodka already exists :/

Rain Organic Vodka lol

Pineapple Island Tribesmen

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Pineapple Island Tribesmen

Website concept for The Pineapple Island Tribesmen. Used Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Pineapple Island Tribesmen